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Car Detail in Los Angeles

Interior Car Detailing Services

When you come to us for your car washing and detailing needs, you will quickly discover our top priority is to keep you and your family healthy and safe. By hiring us, you can feel confident our team will use safe and effective disinfectants and cleaning products to clean and sanitize the interior of your vehicle. We even have products EPA approved to kill Covid-19, along with about 99% of any other bacteria or germs that may be present.

If you think about how often you clean your home, you may realize that you don’t pay the same level of attention or care to your vehicles in Los Angeles. If this is the case, our team offers the ideal solution to refresh the cleanliness of your vehicle. Thanks to the thorough detailing process that we offer, you can feel confident we will fully disinfect and restore all the surface in your vehicle to help eliminate the spread of illnesses and germs.

The Specifics of Our Interior Car Detailing Solutions

While outer beauty matters, you can’t ignore the importance of inner beauty. With this in mind, it should be no big shock that cleaning the inside of your vehicle will require more time and effort than exterior cleaning and detailing does. If the interior of your vehicle is dirty, it may smell and result in some operational complications and issues.

Dirty air that is sent out by the vehicle can spread allergens all throughout the cabin and grit and stains can cause some switches to fail. If your windows or mirrors or hazy, it may obstruct your view while driving. This means that effectively cleaning your vehicle requires much more than just a quick wash with soap and water.

It doesn’t matter if you just want to protect your investment, or if you want to improve the safety and health of everyone who rides in it, we can help you get back the look and feel offered by a brand new car. Some of the more specific services we offer are found here.


One of the first steps to cleaning the interior of your vehicle is to vacuum the headliner, carpet, seats, and the rear cargo area. To achieve the best results, we always clean the floor mats separately. For all the hard to reach areas that we can’t reach with a standard vacuum, we can use an air compressor.

Brushing and Steam Cleaning

We use this for cleaning your vehicle’s mats and carpets. A comprehensive scrubbing will be done to the mats to remove any blemishes and stains that may have accumulated in the past few years. To provide an even more effective result, we can use a steam cleaner. Our team ensures that the carpets are fully dry before reinstalling the mats to avoid the growth of mildew.

Glass Cleaning

We use a professional grade glass cleaner to help clean any glass in your vehicle. It helps to ensure the glass stays sparkling and that your view is not obstructed in any way. We will travel to you to detail your car!

Leather Trim  Restoration

We use a specialized leather cleaner, leather soap, and saddle soap to clean any leather in your vehicle. A damp cloth is used to remove any extra soap. If the leather is too dry, we can apply a conditioner that is used for this, making cleaning much more efficient.

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